Emmett Therapy Cairns

Created and pioneered by Remedial therapist Ross Emmett, Emmett technique is a soft but effective series of muscular release techniques that can be tailored to work with anybody from all walks of life. It works differently to massage; through light to firm touch we give the body’s neurologic system prompts to alter the tone, tension and even sensation in the muscles.

To provide personalised treatment, each of your sessions with Knots and Niggles massage by Wellness Embodied begins with a full body assessment. During this, your therapist will talk to you to understand your muscular and movement issues and then identify key points of dysfunction, which can be targeted during your session to provide relief from symptoms.

Emmett Therapy Cairns

Emmett therapy has had an impressive reputation throughout Australia and has now evolved into a worldwide therapy with practitioners from Europe to the USA. Utilising light touch in specific points around the body Emmett therapy influences the body’s muscular and tactile sensory nerves that communicate with the central nervous system, prompting the brain to stimulate reactions back to the muscle. These reactions happen in either a subtle movement of sensory feedback or light reactivation of muscle spindles and release of fascia. For bookings, call us on (07) 4231 9777, email admin@wellnessembodiedcairns.com or hit the Book Now button.

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