Ancient Practice, Modern Techniques

Hot stone massage Cairns is a very effective and natural way to unlock your muscles. Combining ancient practices with modern techniques, it enables a deeply healing massage, without the need for unnecessary pressure. Although it’s called hot stone massage, cold stones can be utilized as well to reduce inflammation.

Hot stone massage utilizes a combination of basalt stones and massage movement, to relax and unwind, releasing those knots and niggles. Our preferred base oil is unrefined organic coconut oil, which can be combined with essential oils (we like peppermint, lavender or citrus). We recommend these massages to anyone wanting a deeply relaxing and healing massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage unlocks your muscles, improves your circulation and elevates your mood. Its highly relaxing and therapeutic, as well as being practical and effective at delivering results. We also offer cold stone massage, which is helpful in reducing muscle inflammation. Contact us for more information on (07) 4231 9777 or


Hot stone massage is an ancient practice, which has been utilized by many cultures to provide relief and assist healing, most notably by the Chinese and Hawaiian peoples.

The heated stones are essentially a natural heat pack. In a hot stone massage, the stones are heated and then cooled to the desired temperature for the treatment. They are placed on key muscular and pressure points of the body, on a towel, and left to sit and release their heat directly into the site.

This helps to release muscle tension and stress, enabling a deeper and more effective massage without the need for pressure.


One of the central philosophies at Knots & Niggles Remedial Massage by Wellness Embodied, is to help heal and treat the body, through massage and movement.

Hot stone massage complements our vision perfectly; using natural stones as an extension of our massage movements, to deliver practical solutions for our customers.

Each of our massages begins with a full body assessment, which is complimentary and in addition to your booked treatment time. This enables us to identify the specific pressure points, which can be targeted and treated, to provide the relief you are looking for. Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time, to allow time for this.

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