Remedial (Deep Tissue) Massage Cairns

Remedial massage Cairns is perfect for people with knots and niggles, whether that is from sitting at a desk all week, pounding the pavement and pathways or smashing it out at the gym or on the court. Also called deep tissue massage, our remedial massage Cairns services target the painful points and release the tension, giving you freedom of movement.

Knots & Niggles Remedial Massage by Wellness Embodied do not subscribe to the ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy. The team firmly believes in massage as a form of healing and recovery. That’s why they provide a complimentary full body assessment, prior to your remedial massage Cairns booking. During this process, your therapist will try to identify any key trigger points, which might be causing pain and then deliver a remedial massage targeted to your needs.

Remedial (Deep Tissue) Massage Cairns

Each member of our massage team has a Diploma in Remedial Massage. They use massage to provide relief and healing. Each remedial massage session is customized to suit your needs. Knots & Niggles Remedial Massage by Wellness Embodied embraces myofascial treatment, working on key trigger points to provide real relief of muscular aches and pains. All treatments are claimable on Private health.


Many people refer to remedial massage as deep tissue massage and that name comes with a lot of connotations and misconceptions, including hour long sessions which are to be endured rather than enjoyed.

At Knots & Niggles Remedial Massage by Wellness Embodied we specialise in functional massage, which produces effective results, without the pain. Our massage is targeted to your body and does not ever involve crushing out your muscles and making you feel like you’ve been through the ringer.

We provide myofascial treatment, identifying and working on key trigger points (muscle knots) to relive pain and provide greater freedom of movement.

Our oil choice is unrefined organic coconut, which can be combined with essential oils on demand.


Remedial massage is very therapeutic and can relieve areas of chronic muscle tightness, especially around the back, shoulders and neck. We always start with a full body assessment, which is complimentary and in addition to your booked treatment time. By talking to you and checking your range of movement, we can identify the specific pressure points (trigger points) which will provide the relief you are looking for.

We ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your booked appointment, to allow time for this to be completed before your massage.

Our clinics are centrally located in 2 Cairns locations: 53 Sheridan Street and 30 Scott Street (right behind Cairns Central shopping centre). There is free parking available near both. For bookings, call us on (07) 4231 9777, email or hit the Book Now button.

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