Pregnancy Massage Cairns, For You & Baby

Pregnancy massage is good for Mum and baby. It helps to relax your muscles and ease the various forms of discomfort that pregnant women can experience. As well as helping to relieve muscle and joint pain, pregnancy massage can reduce stress hormones, sciatic pain and swelling. It can increase your blood flow, improve sleep and enhance your own sense of wellbeing, which flows on to the precious baby inside.

Knots and Niggles massage by Wellness Embodied therapists are trained at providing practical pregnancy massage. We know which parts of the body to concentrate on, providing the most benefit to Mums to be, and what areas to avoid. We tailor our pregnancy massage to suit your needs, your body and your stage of pregnancy. Our services are delivered with appropriate levels of sensitivity, taking your baby and its positioning into account.

Pregnancy Massage Cairns

Pregnancy massage is a natural way to help your body cope with the changes that occur as baby grows. It’s a gentle remedial massage, which focuses on the areas and muscles of your body, which are under stress. It’s a drug-free way to get additional comfort and support for your body, during your pregnancy. Gift vouchers available.


Our pregnancy massage Cairns is designed specifically to help ease the knots and niggles that occur, as your body changes to accommodate the growing baby. Specific areas under duress can include back, shoulders and neck. While swelling can occur in arms, legs and feet.

Our gentle pregnancy massage can help to provide relief from aching, tired muscles and increase your blood flow and reduce swelling. As well as providing practical, physical comfort, pregnancy massage can also help to improve mood and lower anxiety.

Our choice of oil for our pregnancy massage Cairns, is unrefined organic coconut oil. This is unscented and safe for use during pregnancy.


At Knots and Niggles massage by Wellness Embodied, we always begin each session with a full body assessment. This enables us to ensure our pregnancy massage is tailored to suit your specific time of gestation and positioning of baby. This can change from week to week when you are pregnant.

In our experience, pregnancy massage can help to provide some relief from the following: stress and anxiety, sore back and hips, headaches, pregnancy-related RSI, restless legs and sciatica.

Pregnancy massage can be enjoyed right up until labour. Although we do suggest Mums to be wait until their second trimester, before commencing pregnancy massage. Our therapists care about your comfort. For more information on our Cairns pregnancy massage, call (07) 4231 9777.

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